Kids & K-9

Kids & K-9’s

Pups and playdates combined.

Has your kid been pressuring you to get a puppy? It isn’t just a phase. Kids & K-9’s have an unbreakable bond, and it is worth looking into.

EASTWINDs MO is all about puppy loving, but more importantly the education and know-how behind it.

Being a responsible dog parent is important at any age, which is why we offer Kids and K-9’s courses. What this entails is a fun filled day with dogs at the EASTWIND, where your child learns the responsibility associated with having a dog.

This course builds your child’s self esteem as they acquire the necessary skills and empathy required, whilst minimizing the eventual load laid on parents. This playful day enhances communication skills and understanding dog behavior.

From grooming, vetting, agility and games this day is jack packed with entertainment.

Dogs and kids

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