Wash ‘n’ Walk


Too busy to do the daily walks or bath time? We’ve got you covered.

Be it kids or dogs, bath time is always a hassle. Not necessarily for you though. The Wash services is the option to exchange your funky furry friend, for the handsome devil you know him/her to be. Swap the hairy bathtubs and wet floors, for the drop of an EASTWIND team member at your door, with a full grooming service. So, choose the scent of shampoo, or whether it’s a full bath you need or just a simple nail or hair trim – our professional grooming service extends to the comfort of your own home. The EASTWIND Pet Taxi is also available if your pup’s preference is on site. Other services include; flea and tick treatment. Whether it’s summer or winter,  ticks find their way home in your dog’s coat. Be sure to ask for timely check ups and treatment, in order to ensure your home is a tick free spot.


Whether you have a busy schedule, or the weekends are simply your time to lay in, we understand. When it’s forced, you can’t call it quality time.

Our Eastwinders are happy to take on your extra chore and turn it into a fun daily activity. Select your walk times, and we’ve got it covered.

EASTWIND believes in keeping our city clean, so if you do decide the walk’s on you, do it like an Eastwinder – pick up after your dog.