Parks & Beaches

Parks & Beaches

Finally, public places that encourage dogs!

The EASTWIND culture extends beyond the grounds of our facilities, to parks and beaches around Egypt. Specifically, you will be surrounded by sky-high trees and endless greenery, making the EASTWIND Dog Park is the perfect day-cation for you, your loved ones and your furry friend.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to socialize over a cup of coffee with other dog parents while remaining on the safe side of social distancing, the EASTWIND parks provide the perfect space to make unforgettable memories.

Dog in Park

On the other hand, we wouldn’t miss the beach season for anything! The EASTWIND beaches offer a place where you can maintain your regular beach routine but have your dog be a part of it.

As beaches are becoming more strict on the North Coast with dog allowances, the EASTWIND team encourages it.

Of course the EASTWIND staff are available at all locations, always on hand and supervising all powwows to ensure the day goes smoothly, safely, and environmentally friendly. 

Additionally, we offer services including on site grooming, training, agility activities. So, bring a book, a perfect playlist, or a friend, and if your pooch keeps eyeing your treats, the team is ready with custom dog friendly pupcakes which are perfect, if you’re looking to spoil or celebrate a birthday.

Whether your day at the park is strictly doggy enTAILed, or simply your fresh daily get away, a day in nature is a day well spent, especially if it’s TAILored to your needs.

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