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Valentine’s Day with The Love of Your Life

Try celebrating this Valentine’s Day with the one who gives you unconditional love… and no we do not mean your loved one.  We, of course, mean your one and only little fur ball. Your pup doesn’t just adore you; he considers you to be the center of his universe (well you, tennis balls, and treats), so go ahead and reward his devotion on the one day of the year dedicated to celebrating love.

Below we’ve listed some ideas to show your pup some special attention on this special day.  Choose what works best for you and use the occasion to increase your bond while giving your pooch a fun change in his routine.

·  Adventure:  Take your pooch on a new walking or hiking trail; Fido will get excited to explore the different smells and scenery.  Outdoor exercise in a new area will support both his mental and physical needs, and if you take your partner along, this adventure will give the whole family a chance to bond in a stimulating outdoor environment.

· Day Care Adventure:  Enroll your pup in a doggie day-care play group. Your pup will get to play on canine-appropriate slides and toys and experience an adventurous obstacle course with his best buds. This adventure will again stimulate your pup’s mental and physical health and is especially convenient for those pet parents with demanding work schedules.

· Tricks:  Teach your dog a new trick to bond with him, while you support his mental health.  Dog’s love learning new skills, because the task of learning something new staves off boredom, provides them with your undivided attention, and gives them occasion to get more treats (keep the treats small and keep them coming). This is another activity in which both pet parents many participate.

· Treats:  Make your pup a canine-friendly Valentine’s Day treat.  Perhaps some special pupcakes or a steak dinner with his parents?  Fido may not understand what Valentine’s Day is, but he will certainly enjoy eating an extra special meal with his loving humans.

· Gifts:  Who doesn’t enjoy getting a gift on Valentine’s Day?  Get your pup some new mental stimulation toys and spend some time playing with him.  Better yet, take your pooch with you to the pet shop and let him choose some toys to bring home.

· Spoil:  If you really want to go all out for your little love, splurge on a spa day. Perhaps a grooming session followed by a massage?  Specialized grooming promotes overall good health while preventing many skin, coat, nail, and dental diseases. Massage relaxes dogs and elevates their mood and can bring to light certain physical problems. After a good spa day, Fido will be clean, refreshed and relaxed for Valentine’s Day.

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